March 19, 2012   Posted by: Dr. Ace Jeangle

How to install and configure Debian/Ubuntu on Beagleboard (xM), BeagleBone, and Pandaboard (ES)

Below is the simplest instruction of installing and configuring Debian/Ubuntu with LCD support.

  • Go to, select required distro and proceed with script. It will automatically download required files and configure minimal working system on your SD card.
  • Then, go to “boot” partition of your SD card, find file “uEnv.txt” and change parameter “dvimode” for 10″ AUO LCD (1024×600) and 7″ CPT LCD (1024×600, resistive touch):

    "[email protected]"

    or for 10″ LG LCD (1280×800, black frame) and new gen 7″ panels (1280×800, capacitive touch):

    "[email protected]"
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