August 28, 2012   Posted by: Dr. Ace Jeangle

Long awaited RaspberryPi LCD solution is here!

Ok, we have important announcement to make for all RaspberryPi fans out there, including all members of our team as well. We have been working on the LCD solution that converts HDMI to LVDS, which allows you to connect LCD panel to RasPi. It looks like this:

RaspberryPi LCD solution

I know that many guys has been expecting for RasPi LCD solution from us many months ago. I personally got millions of emails and requests about the release date. We made mistakes trying to implement it with DSI interface that is available on Raspberry Pi. We even made agreement with Toshiba about their DSI-LVDS bridge IC. Unfortunately, DSI in controlled through GPU, and all GPU code is closed by Broadcom. Big mistake, that cost us several months.

Current solution works through HDMI interface. So, this adapter is pretty universal, and can be used to connect bare LCD LVDS panel also to others boards with HDMI interface (I have dozen of them on my table for tests).

You can buy our HDMI-LVDS converter and try to connect to own LCD panel, but I would suggest to get it in bundle with our 10″ LCD that has integrated multi-point capacitive touchscreen. It is just $134.99 for whole bundle – and you will get your own extra cheap ($170 including RasPi price) 10″ tablet with high quality IPS screen, a great 1280×800 resolution, capacitive multi-point touchscreen and RaspberryPi as a heart.


Video of bundle in action:

Make 10″ tablet with your RaspberryPi

Link to web-store:

We have limited quantity at the moment, so hurry up! Next batch will be available in September.


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  • Oink

    Watched. the video. Why so slow? :

    • Dr. Ace Jeangle

      Forward your question to RasPi, we just make LCD solution, so you get the same speed with any other HDMI TV/monitor.

  • James

    does this work with the android ics port? if so, cant wait to build a controller for my xbmc machine

    • Dr. Ace Jeangle

      We didn’t tried RasPi with ICS, but others board (Beagle, Panda) can work OK under Android with our LCD bundle.

  • Flink

    Hi! Does the screen enter low power mode after a while? Can this be controlled (time-to-sleep, wakeup) by the OS in the RaspberryPi? Thanks!

    • Dr. Ace Jeangle

      Our board has PIC microcontroller with open-source firmware. It is connected to RasPi through I2C interface of HDMI. So, you can easy write simple program for PIC to receive I2C commands from RasPi for any actions with LCD.

  • Chris Paterson

    Does this make any difference with regards to the LCD LVDS interface issues

    • Dr. Ace Jeangle

      Which “issues”you mean?

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  • Dr. Ace Jeangle
    also, we have distributor in Germany, Waterrott Electronics.