January 31, 2013   Posted by: Dr. Ace Jeangle

Stock status and project update

SMT pick and place machine

SMT pick and place machine

I receive a lot of emails requesting for stock update every day. Therefore, I decided to clear out the situation with the stock issue and also to reveal our plans for the future of our LCD products. First of all, our company has been running for 8 years in the electronic industry business. We design and manufacture embedded systems for consumer, industrial and military applications, we have our own SMT factory and experienced development team. This branch of open-source LCD solutions was initiated 2 years ago as a step to help electronic enthusiasts to get cheap and easy LCD+touch solution for their project based on BeagleBoard and their successors. We never considered this as a business, and did it mostly for fun. But 2 years of successful sales, many positive reviews and number of serious business projects that arise as a result convinced us that open-source hardware can play an important role in the business of electronic company. Therefore, we decided to pay more attention to this branch and invest money to buy separate SMT line for our LCD products. This should eliminate delays with order processing and shipping, and help us to keep constant stock of ready LCD bundles. We already received new stencil printer and lead-free reflow oven, now awaiting for arrival of automatic pick-and-place machine. Whole line should be mounted in 2-3 weeks, after that we can ship your orders next day after receiving. Currently, we had delays with LCD production because our main SMT line is busy with our normal orders for others embedded products. Separate SMD line will solve this problem.

Now regarding our plans:

  1. Most of our office employees will be out for Chinese New Year holidays from 9th till 17th of February.
  2. Technical support for current customers will be on line, support@ email will be active.
  3. All emails sent to our sales team (sales@) will be answered after CNY holidays.
  4. We will install SMT line during CNY holidays and will manufacture enough boards to keep stock alive.
  5. All orders placed from today will be shipped on first come-first serve base starting from February 18.
  6. As a token of appreciation for your continuous support, we will offer instant 10% discount for all orders placed and paid during this period.

Finally, our 7″ capacitive solution is near completion. You will get 1280×800 LCD (yes, IPS!) with multi-touch touchscreen with USB interface.

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  1. Dr. Ace Jeangle
    Feb 06, 2013

    Just follow us on Twitter (@ChalkElec) to get instant stock notification.

  2. Dr. Ace Jeangle
    Feb 06, 2013

    Should be close to current 7″ resistive version.

  3. Dr. Ace Jeangle
    Mar 10, 2013

    Will be announced upcoming week.

  4. Dr. Ace Jeangle
    Mar 10, 2013

    Drop email to sales@, probably they have couple in stock.

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