September 5, 2014   Posted by: Dr. Ace Jeangle

New integrated 10-inch platform

Lets continue with our product releases. Here is our new 10" integrated multi-touch platform:

  • 10" black frame capacitive multi-touch LCD panel with IPS technology
  • 1366x768 native resolution, high brightness (450 cd/m2) and contrast (800 CR)
  • capacitive multi-touch panel with up to 10 fingers, standard Windows USB HID specification
  • extra-low power consumption, can be powered by the same USB cable that used for touchscreen - check photo below
  • fully integrated solution - no external boards and cables
  • slim design (<9 mm thickness including electronic and connectors)
  • easy installation – just connect and it will work
  • mini HDMI input accepts any resolution up to 1920x1080 (FullHD) and scale down to native LCD resolution
  • slim-profile power connector (OD=2.6mm, ID=0.65mm, positive central pin)
  • mini USB connector for touchscreen with support for driver-less single touch, or multi-touch with additional driver
  • audio engine provides decoding of HDMI stream audio and outputs it to standard 2.5mm connector
  • external ambient light sensor for automatic brightness control
  • internal LVDS scaler allows to get HDMI with any resolution from virtually any HDMI source, like RaspberryPi, Beagleboard/Pandaboard/, Beaglebone Black, Hackberry, Odroid, Cubox, mk802 and others Android stick clones, Gooseberry, Nitrogen/Sabre, OLinuXino-A13, normal PC/notebook, video players, etc.

New 10" integrated solution, top view New-10-front

Hole in the bottom center part of frame is for the main action button, like Home button in Android or Windows. And we are going to offer capacitance sensitive button for this hole as an option. For mass qty orders we can also make it with your custom logo in silver or gold color. Button action will be available as an USB HID event for your target platform.

New 10" integrated solution, bottom view New-10-back

As you can see on above photo, control board has similar interfaces to 7" integrated solution - mini-USB for touchscreen and optional power, mini-HDMI for video input, power jack, audio 2.5mm jack, and input for ambient light sensor. All integrated on bottom side of LCD.

New 10" in action, connected to 1920x1080 HDMI source, powered by USB, current consumption is 320mA only! New-10-in-action

One more new product announce will be on Monday. The same time we will announce prices and new product availability in stock.

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