May 27, 2014   Posted by: Dr. Ace Jeangle

Urgent update on May orders

We have to delay shipment of most May orders for around 2 weeks and ask for return selected shipped orders. The reason is non-stable (counterfeit?) power switch ICs supplied by one of our Taiwan supplier. Boards passed our standard QC tests, and we already shipped around 40 orders, when got several notes from customers about non-stable work. Additional tests made in our lab showed that problem arises when board is powered for more than 3-5 minutes – power switch gets hot and unstable. As a result, LCD backlight starts flicker. Here are steps that we did regarding this problem:

  • We placed on hold shipment of ready orders. Your orders will be shipped in around 2 weeks counting from now. New ICs has been ordered and should arrive to us early next week. Then it will take several days to rework boards, make new tests, and prepare orders for shipment
  • We wrote RMA emails to customers with already shipped orders that can have this problem. If you received email with RMA request, then please read it carefully, test your board/bundle for at least 10 minutes, and let us know about results. Unstable boards must be shipped back, LCD panel/cable is not required to be returned. If you didn’t received RMA email from us, then no reason to worry – your board has power switch IC from another batch, and is not affected with this problem
  • Orders with DHL shipping option will be processed with priority
  • If your project can’t wait 2 more weeks, then please write to us email about money refund – we will issue refunds immediately after processing your email

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