September 24, 2013   Posted by: Dr. Ace Jeangle

BeagleboneBlack and LCD

We get many questions about running recently released BeagleboneBlack with our LCD Beaglebone cape and HDMI converter. I made several tests in our lab and can confirm that both versions of our boards (cape and standalone HDMI converter) work well with BeagleboneBlack.

Below are steps required to get Linux logo on our 7″ and 10″ LCDs.
As usually, I used Robert Nelson’ Linux image in my tests.
My SD card is detected as /dev/sdb – if yours is different, then please update in step 4.

tar xJf debian-7.1-console-armhf-2013-08-26.tar.xz
cd debian-7.1-console-armhf-2013-08-26
sudo ./ --mmc /dev/sdb --uboot bone

After that you should update uEnv.txt file on SD card in partition “boot” to setup correct LCD resolution.
I created uEnv.txt with all 4 possible combinations for our products (HDMI/cape version of board, 10″ LCD with 1280×800 or 7″ LCD with 1024×600 resolution). You should uncomment only one line, and comment others three. File is uploaded here:
Now your image is done. If everything is OK, you will see Linux logo in 3-4 seconds after start-up.

Update: the trick is to add letter “M” after resolution in uEnv.txt file – this forces kernel to calculate LCD timings based on custom resolution.

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