January 11, 2012   Posted by: Dr. Ace Jeangle

Missed shipments

I must ask for forgiveness because we missed to ship 16 orders placed to us in December. I wrote right before NY holidays that all orders have been shipped, but stupid mistake in our web-shop system made me fool. I’m really sorry about this! I know how eagerly you wait for your orders, and we will ship these missed orders by DHL to you this week.

The beginning of 2012 was really hard for us, we were not able to move to office because some office repair/renovation works were not finished in time, we had no Internet access for couple days, then we found this problem with un-programmed PIC controller (see my previous post), and now found mistake in our web-shop system that marked several orders as shipped. Lets hope that problems are over now, and we will come to normal work on this new web-site.

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