June 10, 2011   Posted by: Dr. Ace Jeangle

First batch is shipped out!

Good news everyone! We just passed all current orders to shipping company, so you should receive your orders pretty soon. We will also provide tracking numbers of parcel for our customers who selected DHL delivery after getting them from shipping company on Monday.

Thanks everyone for your orders and your patience!

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  1. Alex Ionescu
    Jun 27, 2011


    I have made an order more than a month ago and even paid for accelerated shipping, but never received anything — I've also tried contacting you by e-mail multiple times without any reply. At this point I'm just about ready to contact Google/my CC company and report this as fraud. I'd really like to avoid that, so could you please let me know what's going on?

    Best regards,
    Alex Ionescu

  2. BB LVDS
    Jun 28, 2011

    Dear Alex,

    Your order has been shipped by DHL on June 14th. Our web-shop system sent email to you with tracking number of your parcel. I can post your tracking number right here if you prefer to discuss such things in public. But I would suggest to send email to me if you have problems receiving your parcel – then we will contact DHL to clear out the situation.

  3. chpec
    Jun 30, 2011


    do you now have LVDS cables ready for shipment ?
    I want to buy you assembled Board + Cable.


  4. emilio
    Jul 04, 2011

    Hi. I am really interested in buying one of your boards but i have a few questions.
    I want to use it with my panda board, is it necessary to modify the resistors layout on the panda board? Or it works anyway?
    Does it provide power to the lcd module?
    Thank you very much.


  5. Alex Ionescu
    Jul 05, 2011


    I never got a DHL notice from your web system and no DHL package either (it's now July 5th so it shouldn't take that long). I had tried to e-mail you, as I said, and never got a reply either. I used some e-mail with ace.x.ace based on the Paypal account, maybe that e-mail is invalid?

    At least, thanks for being responsive here, makes me believe we are having e-mail problems and that this isn't a scam 🙂

    Best regards,
    Alex Ionescu

  6. BB LVDS
    Jul 07, 2011

    Hello Alex,

    Probably, my emails drops to your Spam box? 🙂
    I checked status of your parcel at DHL web-site: http://www.dhl.com/content/g0/en/express/tracking.shtml?brand=DHL&AWB=1162143242
    Looks like they tried to deliver during last 3 days, but you was not home. I would suggest you to call DHL and fix delivery time with them, otherwise they can send parcel back.

  7. BB LVDS
    Jul 07, 2011

    Hello chpec,

    We are near to finish negotiations with LCD panels supplier and I hope we can offer LCD panels with LVDS cables in 2-3 weeks. Stay tuned!

  8. BB LVDS
    Jul 07, 2011

    Hello Emilio,

    Our board provides 3.3V power to LCD panel, but 12V (+brightness control) for backlight you should provide yourself.

    We didn't tested our board with Panda board, but fast look at schematic shows that it should work. I can offer 50% discount for assembled LVDS board if you can make tests and then publish results here. Please, drop e-mail to me (ace.x.ace_at_gmail.com) for discount code.

  9. Alex Ionescu
    Jul 15, 2011

    I checked my Spam Box and don't have any e-mails either… I use Google Mail and never missed shipment notifications. DHL also said that it was shipped June 29th, not June 14th… so it seems like it was only shipped after I complained here on June 26th.

    Either way, thanks for shipping it, finally, and I will check with DHL so I can pick it up.

    Best regards,
    Alex Ionescu

  10. Alex Ionescu
    Jul 15, 2011

    Also, I'll be testing this with a PandaBoard as well, wish I'd have known about the discount…instead of having paid 30$ extra for "express" shipping that took 2 months :(. Oh well!

    Also, this won't work with Pixel Qi or other non-24-bit screens due to the signal formatting you've assumed in the PCB, right?

    Best regards,
    Alex Ionescu

  11. BB LVDS
    Jul 15, 2011

    Hello Alex,

    This board is for 24-bits LCD display only. The majority of 24-bit LCD display panels require the two most significant bits (MSB) of each color to be transferred over the fourth serial data output Y3+/- (RX3/- in our board). Our board expects this format. There is one problem with this format – it is not OK for 18-bits LCD.

  12. Alex Ionescu
    Jul 26, 2011

    I can report the board won't fit into Pandaboard 🙁

  13. BB LVDS
    Jul 26, 2011

    Hello Alex,

    Can you please provide more details? Because BB-xM and Panda have the same LCD interface pinout. Hi-res photo of your connection also could help.

  14. Alex Ionescu
    Aug 01, 2011


    I guess I didn't realize it went from the back… this way works if you remove the little plastic "foot "that comes on the PandaBoard, but the LCD connector headers raise the board so it's sitting down at an angle… I guess this was done on purpose to secure the connection of the LCD expansion pins?

  15. BB LVDS
    Aug 02, 2011

    Alex, can you please make a photo of your assembly?

    LVDS PCB has corner to fix it with main board. If you need standoffs for your main board, then you should use one shorter standoffs to fix LVDS board with main board + another short standoff to form "foot" with the same size as 3 others standoffs. YYou cna find huge selection of spacers and standoffs at Keystone Electronic: http://www.keyelco.com/products/sprod09.asp?CategoryID=11

  16. andrew
    Aug 04, 2011

    Hi, I placed an order back in May – has my order shipped yet?

    Andrew Masters

  17. BB LVDS
    Aug 05, 2011

    Hello Andrew,

    I just checked your tracking number (RR125691675MY) on Canada Post web-site here: http://www.canadapost.ca/cpotools/apps/track/personal/findByTrackNumber?execution=e1s1
    Looks like they had long processing delay, but now parcel is released from custom and should be delivered to you very soon.

  18. andrew
    Aug 05, 2011

    Thanks, go figure!!!! Appreciate your quick response, I cannot wait to try it out!

  19. dhugh
    Aug 10, 2011

    Will this work with Mitsubishi AA090ME01 or Optrex T-55561D090J-LW-A-AAN? They have the same pinout. I can email you the spec sheet if you provide email address.

  20. fcarlo
    Sep 06, 2011

    Could you please tell me if this board is suitable for an Hitachi TX26D12VM0AAA panel?
    Thanks in advance

  21. BB LVDS
    Sep 14, 2011

    Hello dhugh and fcarlo,

    Sorry for long delay, my holidays have been extended for 2 more weeks 🙂
    Well, all 3 LCD panels will work with LVDS add-on board for PandaBoard, BB and BB-xM – just pay attention to correctly set pin MODE (AMODE for Hitachi).

  22. Jeff123
    Sep 14, 2011


    great work, very exciting to get this working.

    I know the board doesn't support 18 bits, but I think it would be a great thing to have. Particularly the Pixel Qi would be very cool to link up to a beagleboardXM, but there are many other such screens around.

    Let me ask: what would it take to make one for me? I would be happy to be your guinea pig and tester. I would be happy to pay for a prototype.

    If you offered such a board I am pretty sure it would sell well. Am happy to discuss over email if you give me a support email I can send to.

    In any case, thanks again for all the hard work, very cool stuff!

  23. BB LVDS
    Sep 15, 2011

    Hello Jeff123,

    Actually, current board will work with 18-bits LVDS panels as long as you use BB or BB-xM (not PandaBoard!). You just need to patch Linux kernel to configure OMAP LCD sub-system.

    Also, we work on new PCB that will support LSB panels, so that 18-bits panels will work without kernel patching. This new board will be offered also in bundle with cheap 10" LCD with integrated touchscreen and ready LVDS cable. I expect to receive alpha board in 2-3 weeks, then make tests and publish video here.

  24. Jeff123
    Sep 15, 2011

    that is great news, thanks for the quick reply! do you have any pointers on what needs to be reconfigured?

    I will order the existing board to play with it now, and eagerly await the new version as well.

    Any idea how long it will take to ship to the U.S.?

  25. BB LVDS
    Sep 21, 2011

    Hello Jeff123,

    Usually, it takes 3-4 weeks for standard post, and 4 working days for DHL delivery.

  26. Nikarul
    Sep 22, 2011

    I'm trying to figure if the LG.Philips LP101WX1(SL)(N2) is compatible with the BB LVDS board. It uses LVDS but I can't find a good spec sheet on the screen. I did find a place that mentioned it does 6-bit (252K) color, but I'm not sure if that was it accepts or just what it displays. Any ideas? This would be for use with the BeagleBoard-xM.

  27. sarasini
    Sep 26, 2011

    Hi. Is this board compatible with the Innolux AT070TN92 LCD (http://www.distarltd.com/TFT/1/AT070TN92.pdf)?

    Thanks, Francesco

  28. vib
    Oct 13, 2011

    Hi Alex and BB LVDS
    I am interested in getting the board for my Pandaboard. However, I am not sure If I understood your statement, "this way works if you remove the little plastic "foot "that comes on the PandaBoard". Would you please elaborate? with photo would be great! Cheers!


  29. Victor
    Oct 14, 2011

    From reading the comments your very cool board works with BB and Pandaboard. I have a snowball but not very knowledgeable about the electronics. Can the lvds board work with the snowball "SKY-S9500-ULP-C02" ?

    Thank you for the great work!

  30. BB LVDS
    Oct 15, 2011

    Hello Nikarul,

    You can use any LVDS panel as laong as you use BB-xM. Just keep in mind that it requires to patch kernel to work with LSB LCD panel.

  31. BB LVDS
    Oct 15, 2011

    Hello sarasini,

    No, it will not work, because your LCD has TTL RGB interface, but this board is for LVDS interface.

  32. BB LVDS
    Oct 15, 2011

    Hello vib,

    You should remove this plastic pad on PandaBoard to properly install LVDS board:

  33. BB LVDS
    Oct 15, 2011

    Hello Victor,

    Unfortunately, it has different system side connectors (we had in mind BB, BB-xM, and PandaBoard only), so it can't be directly connected to SnowBall boards. You will need to make special cable to get connected between SnowBall J23 connector and CON1-CON2 on LVDS board.

  34. sameer wagh
    Nov 05, 2011

    Ace Jeangle
    We have plzce an order on 15 octomber
    Assembled and tested PCB board
    Item Number 00002 $29.89 USD 10 $298.90 USD
    15-Oct-2011 17:38:05 GMT+05:30
    Transaction ID: 7X234727JG983263R
    But we yet not received the goods
    utopia automation & control Pvt LTd

  35. Waspinator
    Nov 08, 2011

    is there another shipment coming in soon? when can I order?

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