November 10, 2011   Posted by: Dr. Ace Jeangle

First video of new LVDS board in action

Well, here is first video that shows our new LVDS board with LCD in action.
Direct link to YouTube:

I used Ubuntu 11.04 for this demo. Yes, Ubuntu is very slow on BeagleBoard-xM, much faster on PandaBoard with 10 class SD card :)

Here are specs of LCD in short:
1. Screen size: 10″, glossy
2. Resolution: 1024×600
3. # of colors: 256K (18-bits)
4. Touchscreen: 2 points capacitive (you can see this in video when I try to press screen by ruler and by finger). Touchscreen has USB interface.
5. Power: 3.3V logic, 5V backlight. All powers are available right from our new LVDS add-on board.
6. Backlight: LED. We also supply ambient light sensor for automatic brightness control. It will be shown in second video.

Pre-order for plug-and-play bundle (new LVDS board + LCD with touchscreen + LVDS cable + ambient light sensor) will be available in 1-2 days. First shipments are scheduled for end of November. Price of bundle will be 134.99 USD (shipping is not included). We will provide 15 USD discount for all pre-orders (so, you can buy it for $119.99 till end of November). Stay tuned!

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  • Musical Paradise

    Does it support Pandaboard?




  • Enrico M.

    Would like to go for a preorder… How can I?

    ps: can't find how to contact you directly anywhere on this website

  • Alex

    Where is new shematic? Can I buy only board?


    Hello Enrico,

    We are clearing out situation with shipping cost. Will publish product for pre-order right after get answer from DHL about rates. Hope to get it by tomm. morning.

    You can contact me directly by e-mail: ace.x.ace @ gmail com


    Hello Alex,

    Schematic will be posted after final checks in 1-2 days.

    First of all, we will sell bundles (LCD + board + cable). And only board will be available for order end of November. This is because we have huge requests for bundle and will be full time busy with this.

  • adrienferre


    Have you tested this screen and board with an android distrib?


    Hello adrienferre,

    It should work with any OS, because our board is just a substitution for external DVI monitor. I will try and record video with Android distrib later – just for fun.

  • Meizirkki


    Dropping by again to ask about compatibility.

    I have recently acquired a WUXGA panel LC420WUE. If I have external control for the backlight and 12V for the panel, would it work with a combination of pandaboard and your board?

    Also, would it be plug@play or does it require modifications to kernel source?

    Thank you.


    Hello Meizirkki,

    42" panel??? Designing notebook for elephants? :)

    I checked datasheet – it should work if you use just LVDS lines from our board. Don't forget to select 8-bits VESA format in panel (pins 7 and 27). Also, try to use short LVDS cable, because we didn't met 100 Ohm LVDS impedance exactly due to physical constraints of our PCB, and for your pixel clock (75 Mhz) there could be significant reflections on long cable.

    Kernel patching is not required with new board.


    OK, pre-order period has been started! $15 discount is already applied to the price.

  • mrbabbagepresents

    What is the current demand from that screen?


    Hello mrbabbagepresents,

    Typical current is around 200mA for logic (at 3.3V), 30mA for touchscreen controller (at 5V) and 350mA for backlight (at 5V). In-rush current is around 1.5A.


    Links to sources are corrected. Thanks to Andrew for pointing this problem.

  • Ward

    For use with the Pandaboard, the 33ohm resisters are required to be installed on the rear of the board.. correct?


    Hello Ward,

    You should remove 28 resistors on top side (marked as B and C sections), then install the same (or others, value from 0 to 33 Ohm) on bottom side R175-R203. Also, don't forget about J1 and J4 connectors.

  • Kushi

    1. May I know what is the interface to connect to Panda board ?

    2. Actually I am looking for a 15" display with integrated touch screen, do you have 15" panel ?


    Hello Kushi,

    1. It is connected through J1 and J4 LCD connectors (see PandaBoard System Manual for details).
    2. We don't have 15" LCD and have no plans to sell it, sorry. You can use any of spare 15" LCD panels for notebooks – most of them have LVDS interface. But sourcing of 15" touchpanel could be a problem.

  • vivek

    1. Can you confirm if you can provide drivers for android 2.3 kernel with it?
    2. What would be the total cost(including shipping) and delivery time for Bangalore, India?


  • Jerome.c


    Do you ship to international (France) ?


  • Unknown


    I have preordered one. Can you please confirm the same by emailing me back.



    Hello vivek,

    1. Driver is not required for this LCD. If your system can work with usual LCD monitor, it will also work with our LCD panel. As to touchscreen driver – it is standard USB HID touchscreen, so I believe it should be supported by any recent Linux kernel.
    2. LCD bundle cost $134.99 + standard worldwide mail shipping $25.


    Hello Jerome,

    We ship worldwide. Yes, France in the list :)


    Hello Manu,

    I answered to your email. Please, check.

  • kalyan

    We are using AT070TNA2 LVDS LCD of 1024X600 resolution.
    Please let us know whether this LCD is supported on the Beagle board with the add on board.

    • Dr. Ace Jeangle

      Yes, it will work, but you will need external backlight LED inverter board, because this LCD miss it.

  • Mark

    I just received the 10″ bundle. I am having a problem though. I connected the PCB as showed in support. I connected all cables to screen and board. I turn the pandaboard on but they LCD screen does not turn on. I check all connections with DMM and everything seems to be connected fine. Before receiving this screen I already had Ubuntu running on the pandaboard I was using an HDMI to my monitor. Do I need to do a fresh install of Ubuntu on the pandaboard so the processor can recognize this screen is attached? Or should the screen just work from when its plug in?


    • Mark

      Also I am working with the Pandaboard ES

    • Dr. Ace Jeangle

      Hello Mark,

      You should make changes in kernel bootargs.
      Check our “How-to setup correct LCD resolution” at
      By default it uses HDMI as primary video output.