- 7", two versions: with black frame and open-frame
    - IPS screen with bright picture and 180 degree viewing angles
    - fully integrated solution - no more messing cables
    - 1280x800 native resolution
    - integrated capacitive multi-touch panel with driver-less HID USB
    - integrated driving board with microHDMI input
    - LVDS scaler to work with any HDMI source up to 1080p
    - stereo audio decoder of HDMI audio stream
    - operating temperature: -20C ... +70C
    - development finished, product moved to mass-production
    - click here for specifications
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10-inch touchscreen LCD bundle


  • works with BeagleBoard/PandaBoard/IGEPv2/Beaglebone/RaspberryPi
  • 10-inch 1280×800 px LCD with capacitive touchscreen
  • includes assembled and tested interface LVDS board
  • includes ambient light sensor for automatic backlight control
  • includes all required cables
  • complete plug-and-play solution – just connect and have a fun

LVDS LCD interface board


  • works with BeagleBoard/PandaBoard/IGEPv2/Beaglebone/RaspberryPi
  • intended for 18-bits and 24-bits LSB LVDS LCD panels
  • fully assembled and tested
  • has PIC microcontroller for backlight control
  • flexible interface for different LCD configuration
  • flexible power supply for LCD backlight